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Subject Matter Expert (FINANCE)

Job Location

Work From Home

Published By

Essa India

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

31 March 2020 at 9:00:00 pm

About the job

Subject Opening- FINANCE (Based on experience in academic writing designations will be allotted)

• Subject Matter Expert- 3.96 LPA-4.20 LPA(Fixed)+ 3 LPA- 5LPA (Variable pay)
• Junior Research Analyst- 4.80 LPA(Fixed) + 3 LPA- 5LPA (Variable pay)
• Research Analyst- 6 LPA(Fixed) + 3 LPA- 5LPA (Variable pay)
• Senior Research Analyst- 7.20 LPA(Fixed) + 3 LPA- 5LPA (Variable pay)

• Requirement-CFA, FRM or M.Sc. Candidates should have good finance knowledge. Should have good knowledge and experience in Derivatives, insurance, property valuations.

• Training- 7 days (non-payable) + 3 months’ probation(payable)- 0- 6 months in academic writing field
• NOTE: Freshers will be kept under training for one week from the date of their joining the organization. During this training period, the trainee won’t be eligible for any payment. If the trainee’s work is found to be not up to the expectations of the company, the company has full rights to fire him/her on an immediate basis.
• Probation period -3 Months-payable- Candidates having experience more than 6 months in academic writing.
• Location: Central Delhi-Noida. CURRENTLY WFH
• Candidates should have 65% above through-out their academics.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1.Check the content for accuracy, language, plagiarism, explanation and related parameters
2. Spot the errors and take the responsibility of getting them rectified
3. Spot errors in content very intricately.
4. Should be able to plan and do target-oriented work
5. Ability to do analytical questions using logic and concepts
6. Writing tasks, assignments etc for marketing and management subjects
The Subject Matter Experts would be required to complete academic research works based on foreign client’s requirements.
Exposure to International Markets like Australia, New Zealand, UK etc. Which gives a greater learning opportunity while working.

>> Excellent command over written English
>> Excellent knowledge in their Specialized Subjects (Management and Marketing and project management)
>> Knowledge about Academic Writing and Plagiarism will be an added advantage. Sufficient training will be provided to improve your academic writing skills and to avoid Plagiarism.
>> Educational background from Foreign University or exposure to foreign education system will be an added advantage but not mandatory.
Monthly Incentive System.
Diwali and Year-end bonus provision.
Holiday pay provision.

Great learning exposure and opportunities while working.
Work from Home (WFH) provision one day in a week after probation period (for writers).


You will be receiving assignments, task, report writing research papers which will be in finance from the international clients. The candidate should have a good knowledge of their subject, secondary research etc

There will be 2-3 rounds of tests for selection. Each test is given 24 hrs to complete it.


  • Monthly Incentive System

  • Diwali and Year-end bonus provision

  • Holiday pay provision

About us

Essaindia is a multinational business engaged in educational research and assistance to clients from different parts of the globe especially from Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Europe. We are committed to providing high quality research assistance to our clients. To ensure this we select only the best out of the experienced professionals and highly qualified freshers from university to conduct the research analysis.


No. 308, Plot No-2, Sector-5, Aggarwal Tower, MLU Plaza, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075

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